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Meeting with coworkers can be a costly and time consuming venture.  Determine whether or not a meeting is needed with my Power Point Presentation, “Successful Business Meetings.


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Dealing with stress in the Workplace

Stress in the workplace is something almost everyone will encounter at one time or another.  Dealing with difficulties on the job is a lifelong endeavor.  How we deal with stressful situations reflects directly who we are.  Employees of different experience levels will deal with stress in different ways.  New employees can gain insight from experienced personal to better themselves in stressful environments.  Insight can help us improve and insulate our stressful encounters.  

Work stress making you sick?  Stressful situations can reek havoc on your body when unrelieved.  The release of some stress related hormones could lead to cardio-vascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders and psychological problems such as depression. (Essence, March 2002)  According to Education USA, a high school shop teacher who had a heart attack while on the job is entitled to workers’ compensation due to the high levels of stress he encountered while working.  Work related stress could have serious health related issues so it is important to learn how to deal with stress.

There are many ways we can deal with stress on the job.  People that maintain their composure are more likely to manage their stress and stressful situations.  Positive thoughts are key.  Having a positive outlook on life can put you in the driver’s seat for success.  Simple, encouraging posters on your office wall can reinforce positive attitudes. Motivational speech is also an excellent stress deterrent.  Talking kindly to others will calm them and make them less susceptible to pass their stress on to you. Encouragement will help avoid conflict and raise self-esteem among your employees.  Also, if you can gain a sensation that you are in control of your workplace it will reduce stress.  Organizing and creating a list of priorities will help you gain the control you need to feel comfortable.  Prioritizing correctly is an art that can keep your sleepless nights to a minimum.  The most valued work must come first, not the easiest or the most time consuming.  As long as your supervisor is satisfied, they are far less likely to infect you with their stress.  Finally, a Good sense of humor is a great stress releaser.  Humor not only reduces your stress but can also reduce the stress of those around you.     

(The Business Journal-Milwaukee, Oct., 2001)

Staff that is new to the work environment may have a difficult time adjusting to stressful situations.  The worker that is fairly new to the workforce is eager to please.  Their workload my quickly be over their head in an effort to show their worth.  A new employee may not understand how to manage their time because they are unaware of the time it will take to complete a task.  In a recent conversation with Karen Douglas, a new employee to the working world, she claimed “new employees have to perform above and beyond the call of duty.”  She went on to explain that you have to prove yourself and your worth.  Douglas pointed out that today’s workforce is very competitive.  She is also competitive in nature and this adds to her stress load.    Douglas feels that she has to perform better than her coworkers.  Her perfectionism breeds her stress.  Many times she will find herself deeply involved in a project with out thinking it through.  She believes it is very important to step back and evaluate the problem before working on a solution.  Sometimes planning is better than reacting to a problem right away.  Deadlines are her main source of stress along with balancing her personal workload and current client needs.  Finally, Douglas fines herself meshing her personal and professional life she would like to learn how to balance them in an effort to reduce her stress.

A veteran employee may find it easier to deal with everyday stress.  While discussing stress with Phil Williams, an employee of twenty-six years his opinions supported the view that new employees are eager to please. They can become overwhelmed.  Williams stated, “After awhile in the workplace you start to realize that some concerns are concerns that shouldn’t be bothered with.”  He now understands that certain issues do not involve a heavy emotional commitment.  He has a better understanding of what needs to get done and who to take seriously. Workers need to learn how the system works and know how to accomplish what you want.  The experienced worker knows their resources and the different ways to get to the end result. You learn to go with the flow of the workplace.  Some instances can be non-productive but could also increase non-productivity if you fight the natural flow of your workforce.  Williams’s advice to employees coming into the workforce is to find a mentor and learn their capabilities. Trust has to be won or you could invoke stress and fear in some veteran employees. They may fear that you are trying to replace them.  He would like to add that most stress in the workplace at the current time is economical stress, employees are worried if their jobs are going to continue in the future. 

Realizing your own abilities is the key in dealing with stress. Whether you’re just entering the workforce or starting a new position, over time you will learn your capabilities and this will enable you to better prepare for stressful situations.  Taking time to evaluate your situation and planning the best way to attack your objectives is the first step. The world will change around you but if you are comfortable with yourself and your capabilities, you can find that stress free comfort zone to take on any task.    With your positive attitude you can achieve your goals. 


-Terrene McGraw


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